Broken Horn Ropers Support Team

Support Team

While our marshals, Felix and Teri Lopez, manage, organize, and lead our team, it takes many “behind-the-scenes ” helpers to ensure our team’s success. We appreciate everything they do. Here are a few examples:

Many people bring food to events.

Besides being on our roping team, Irma Alcantar assists with parade applications,  paperwork, and communications.

Angie Delgado, Sarah, and Cheyenne and others carry our team banner in parades.


Art Delgado expertly steams and shapes our hats to make us look our best!

Irma and Reuben Sanchez serve as photographers and overall helpers.

Arturo Delgado (white hat) is our horse trainer and driver.


Angie Delgado and Yolanda King provide continuous assistance in many ways to our team.


Coco Delgado is one of our many volunteers who help take care of our little children.


Providing heaters and chairs is another greatly appreciated service provided by our volunteers.

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